** NOTE: We do not resell anything.  Your actual cost depends on the vendors pricing**

Basic Requirements:
  1. You must be close enough to receive the wireless signals and agree to purchase the parts / components for the wireless receiver specified by Lightshowlane. You must also be willing update these components if needed in the futur.

  2. There are 2 radio signals being transmitted during the show.  One is for the music and the other controls the lights.

  3. To check to see if you live close enough, just tune your radio to the show station during the show and see if you can hear the music.

  4. Please Note that your home radio and your card radio will give you different results (both need to work if you plan to have outdoor speakers.

  5. You must be willing to use only CAT5e or better data cables

  6. You must have the basic ability to install lights or have access to someone that can help you.

  7. You must be willing to purchase only approved lights , controllers, and accessories.  This is to assure compatibility with the system.

  8. You must be willing to accept the music list as selected by Lightshowlane (Will S.) and accept future technology updates.  This is to keep everything compatible and to assure Lightshowlan can continue to improve the show

  9. Making preparations for a new show takes a lot of work and time so you must be committed and very serious about joining 

When To Start:

  2. The physical Lightazmic installation of lights at Lightazmic starts mid to late October, but please keep in mind that there are many things that need to be made that we already have.  This means that you will need to start much earlier.

  3. We recommend that you start in January because there are many things that are 50% off which will save you money and the planning stage will take you right up to October.

  4. Contact me ASAP if you are serious about joining.  

Cost and Light Show Options:

The following packages are option that you can choose or you may elect to design a completely custom package.

Please Keep in mind that these packages do not include lights, splitter plugs, and extension cords that you will need.

Please do not under estimate the cost of lights and extension cords as they are often the largest investment.

  1. Basic systems and some associated costs are shown below.

  2. Any basic system needs a receiver and some number of controllers (see below).

  3. For your reference, Lightazmic uses 15+ controllers


Receiver & Transmitter






Recommended System:
  1. *The above systems do not include lights, power splitters, extension cords, or data cables.

  2. *having less controllers means that you will need more extension cords

  3. *Extension cords will often cost more than controllers so it may be more cost effective to have more controllers vs having more cords etc.

  4. *You can expect to spend approximately >$600 + lights in addition to the above systems for miscellaneous items to get your show going.

  5. *these are all just estimated costs and lightshowlane is not marking up or reselling anything.  Your actual cost depends on the venders.

  6. *The above controllers will not work without programming, however, you will not need to do your own programming as your linked to lightshow lane by way of the transmitters and receivers above since we send the data to your controllers real time.

Accessories List (Approximated Prices)
~$3500/ each
~$1000/ set
~$80 to 4120/set
~$150/ set
~$250/ set
Contact Willmailto:will@lightazmic.com?subject=Join%20The%20Showmailto:will@lightazmic.com?subject=Join%20The%20Light%20Showshapeimage_17_link_0
What You Don’t Need:
No programming knowledge needed
No computer for running the show since all the data comes to you wirelessly
No computer to controller RS485 interface needed since the data receiver will connect yo your network directly
No FM transmitter needed since all the music is transmitted from lightshowlane (check to make sure that you can receive the music)
RS485 Transmitter (This device sends the data to your RS485 receiver)
No audio mixer unless you choose to add spectrograph option to your show (these are the colored light bars from above)